Overweight or Underweight

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Whats the Best Possible Way to Help an over Weight Teen Lose Weight?

U.5. asks from Wichita

My stepdaughter is overweight (she lives with us during the week). I want to help her. I adjusted my cooking but beyond this I am not sure what to do. Part of this is...


Five Month Old Not Bearing Weight on Legs

T.S. asks from Seattle

My five month old son is not really bearing weight on his legs. With all other milestones he is ahead of schedule. He can sit straight unaided and play with his toys ...


Financial Disagreements/ Not Pulling My Own Weight at Home

K.H. asks from Norfolk

I am an attractive 52-year-old retired teacher who stays home. I am disabled. My- 66 year-old husband is a workaholic, and thinks I should be the same way. I keep hou...


My 4 Year Olds Weight Gain

R.C. asks from Hartford

Hi everyone, I just love this website - everyone helps so tremendously! Anyhow, I do not have all the facts yet, but I brought my 4 year old to the doctor last night...


I Have a 13 Year Old That Needs to Lose Weight...

L.G. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a great kid and he wants to play football through high school. but right now he is overweight and I do worry for him. not only does he have asthma, but I worry...


Weight Loss Between 9 and 12 Month Checkups

A.C. asks from New York

Has anyone's child lost a few ounces between his or her 9 month and 12 month checkups? My son lost about 7 ounces, which I attributed to his increase in activity (cra...


7 Year Old Daughter Upset with Her Weight

K.S. asks from Tampa

Hi...my 7 year old told me tonight she didn't like herself because of her tummy sticks out. She said God doesn't like her because He made her like that. Ok, granted...


Advice for Helping Child Gain Weight

S.G. asks from Saginaw

Hi everyone! My son is almost 9 years old and is very lean. I don't want to call him scrawny, because to me he isn't, but he is like I said very lean. He's 59 1/2"...


13 Yo Daughter with Weight Gain/hypoglycemia

E.B. asks from Dallas

My thirteen year old daughter was diagnosed about 2 years ago with hypoglycemia. She has been able to manage it fairly simply by making sure she eats regularly. It ...


I Think My 3 Year Old Is over Weight

E.G. asks from Boston

Ok so my daughter just turned 3 years old in May and she weights about 51 pounds and she is 41 inches. She loves to eat and I dont know that to do. My daughter goes t...