Overweight or Underweight: Tween

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What Chores Do You Require of a 12 Year Old?

S.L. asks from Des Moines

My dd is busy outside of school with sports practice 3 days/week and we are usually gone on the weekends. I haven't required a whole lot of chores of my kids because...


Sugar Issue

S.M. asks from Spokane

I am having a really difficult time with this because I am overweight and have sugar issues myself - so I panic when dealing with this with my kids, because #1. I wa...


I Need Help with My 10 Year Old Daughter!!!!

P.R. asks from New York

I am a mother of 2 daugters 11 and 7. They both have very different characters. I stayed at home for 10 years to be there for them and raise them up the way I wanted...


Bikinni for 13 Year Old

K.P. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is 13 and wears a bikinni which i am fine with. But when she went swimming with her friends i noticed they were all wearing tankinnies. She is very skinny...


Over Weight Kid

M.P. asks from Santa Fe

How do i get my 14 yr old son to stop eating for fun not because he is hungry, he used to sneak food but now since we have to litarally lock the fridge and pantry he ...


Weight Gain

S.M. asks from San Francisco

I have a 14 year old son. He's on asthma meds. He has difficulty gaining weight. He's 5'3 and only weighs 87 pounds. He eats constantly but still gains like a pound a...


10 Year Old Who Hates Baths and Showers?!

C.N. asks from South Bend

I have a 10 year old very healthy female. I am currently working more on her weight that seemed to just happen overnight. However, she has a huge problem with taking ...


Over Weight Child

R.U. asks from Boston

Before any one responds please do not lecture me on my child eats what I give her ect......If you knew me you would know I am doing everything possible without ruinin...


How Do I Get My 10 Year Old to Be More Responsible?

M.H. asks from York

Hello, I am looking for some advice on 10 year old responsibility. My son is a very good student, very bright and fortunately does not struggle academically. My pro...


Over Weight 10 Yo Daughter

R.S. asks from Norfolk

I need some help. My daughter has battled her weight for quite a while. She gets a ton of excercise, during the school year, she ofcours has PE during the week, but...