Overweight or Underweight: Toddler

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6 Yr Old Weight Issue???

A.R. asks from Boston

Hi, my 6 yr old daughter has always been pretty average with her weight, she takes more after my husband who is a tall kinda big guy. Her weight has never been an iss...


Sugar Issue

S.M. asks from Spokane

I am having a really difficult time with this because I am overweight and have sugar issues myself - so I panic when dealing with this with my kids, because #1. I wa...


My Daughter's Weight

I.A. asks from Albany

I am very concerned about my 1st born - nine month old daughter's weight which is 6.9 kg. She has recurrent flu and cough and has repeatedly been prescribed antibioti...


My 17 Month Old Boy Is Only 28 Inches Tall: NEED HELP with GROWTH ISSUE

D.R. asks from Los Angeles

My 17 month old boy has always been small is is way below percentile on weight, height and head size. He was diagnosed with a kidney issue where he is now on medicati...


My 14 Month Old Has Not Gained ANY Weight Since He Was 9 Months Old!!

M.C. asks from Springfield

My 14 month old son was born average weight, 7lbs & 15 oz. He was a really chubby baby and at 6 months, weighed 19lbs & 6oz(at this point he was EXCLUSIVELY breastfe...


Weight Gain

M.H. asks from Chattanooga

Ok this is going to sound weird but I and 5'7 and 106lbs. I am not anorexic i eat three time a day at lest. But my Dr. is worried about my weight and has told me to d...


Weight Loss Between 9 and 12 Month Checkups

A.C. asks from New York

Has anyone's child lost a few ounces between his or her 9 month and 12 month checkups? My son lost about 7 ounces, which I attributed to his increase in activity (cra...


14 Month Old Not Walking

K.W. asks from Richmond

My daughter was walking at 11 months but my son is 14 months and shows no interest. He crawls really fast. I was just wondering if anyone else had a baby that was s...


Child with a Weight Issue

R.S. asks from Sheboygan

I am wondering emotionally how to deal with this... I have a 3 1/2 year who weighs 48 pounds and is 42 inches tall. She is off the charts in both her height and weig...


Weight Loss

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Ladies, Does anyone have a recommendation for a motivational book for weight loss? I know that I need to pull up my boot straps and just have the willpower not...