Overweight or Underweight: The First Years

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Worried About My Son's Weight Gain

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

My son will be 13 months old next week and weighs almost 19 pounds and is 31 inches long. He is only 5th percentile for weight. My worry is that he hasn't put on much...


Does Anyone Know of Foods/supplements to Help GAIN Weight and Height?

S.N. asks from Minneapolis

My first grade son is in the 3rd percentile for his height and weight. I know that it bothers him a little that his friends are all much bigger than him. But it bot...


Looking for Tips to Help My 1 Year Old Son Gain More Weight

A.D. asks from Washington DC

This week my 1 year old son had his 12 month check up. I was shocked that he only weighed 17 lb 4 oz. The Dr. was happy with all of his progress and says he is fine a...


Large Head Circumfrence

J.B. asks from Chicago

My 1 year old boy was a preemie and is still catching up with height and weight. His height and weight are in the 10-15th percentile where his head circumfrence is i...


Are My Kids Breaking?

K.D. asks from Dallas

Ok, so my son has autism and we found this out back in October of 2007. Today my daughter had her four year check up and I love her doctor, he is the best and I woul...


Pediatrician Says Stop Nightime Feedings

A.S. asks from Atlanta

Mamas, my 10-month-old's Dr. says that nightime feedings are causing his weight gain to slow down and I should stop feeding at night, plus he's become dependent on th...


7 Week Old Son Constantly Peeing Through Clothes

A.Z. asks from New York

For a while, Alex's clothes would only be wet once in a while, however for the past few days, it's pretty often that his clothes are wet with urine. I'm not sure if ...


Does Anyone Else Sometimes Feel like This?

S.R. asks from Lincoln

Right now there is a lot of stress in my marriage. I am not sure what avenue to take. I have suggested counseling to my DH but he refuses. I am not sure what is go...


8 Month Old Baby Girl with a Large Head Circumference. Anyone Else? Update

A.D. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone! My dilema today has me really paranoid and nervous. My 8 month old girl has been getting monitored since she was 6 months old because of a large head cir...


2 Questions: My Son's Pediatrican Told Me to Put 1 Teaspoon...

K.J. asks from Albany

several times a day of olive or vegtable oil in his food to help him gain weight. She said that all pediatricians recommend this. I was just wondering if anyone heard...