Overweight or Underweight: South Beach

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I Cannot Lose Weight!!!!!

B.K. asks from New York

To start, I have had my thyroid checked and it was normal. I did lose 10 lbs. about 6 months ago doing what I'm doing now. For about 3 months I have stuck to a 1200 c...


Can't Seem to Lose Any Weight!!!

M.H. asks from Boston

Hey moms, So over the past year or so I've gained 10 lbs. It may not seem like a lot but since having my daughter all of my weight gain goes to my gut and love handl...


Weight Watchers Diet

B.P. asks from Amarillo

I started weight watchers one month ago. The first week I lost 5 lbs. the last three weeks nothing. I started exercise the 2nd week, still no loss. I am sticking t...


Husband Having Issues with White Flour & Gaining Weight.

J.S. asks from Provo

My husband is having two health issues. I'm not sure if they are related, so I am lumping them into the same request for help. 1) My husband is having a major probl...


How Can I Motivate Someone Who Is Overweight to Try to Loose Weight?

M.W. asks from Minneapolis

In the past year my husband has gained 30 pounds. It is all in his belly. He has always been at a good weight until recently. He has always had a good metabolism and ...



J.W. asks from Boston

I have just in the past 20 months had 2 of my 3kids by c-section, and am finding weight loss impossible. I do try to walk everyday wich keeps the weight as it, just d...


Paleo Solution Same as Paleo Diet?

B.L. asks from Missoula

I read a review that said that buying the separate book The Paleo Diet was a waste of money and to just stick with the original book. But, I want to lose weight. If t...


9-Year Old Son Is Becoming Overweight

K.W. asks from Eugene

Hi all. I have a 9-year old son, our youngest. He's always been a big kid- he's about 4'8" and (don't have a scale at home) probably around 100, 110 lbs. He's been ...


Advice on SlimQuick Powdered Drink Mix or Any Other Diet Supplement

S.F. asks from Phoenix

Hello All, I am currently trying to lose 10-15 pounds and am having no luck. I recently got a personal trainer and I am now working out 3 times a week. (Along with c...


Changing Diet from White Flour to Whole Wheat,etc

S.S. asks from Detroit

I would like to loose some weight (25-30 lbs)and I am considering changing our family's diet to whole wheat and cutting white four and sugar. I also know it is much h...