Overweight or Underweight: Similac

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Question About Similac Alimentum

S.M. asks from Richmond

I have a two month old who has had some feeding issues. His doctor put him on Alimentum two days ago because of his spitting up. He had been gaining weight well. My d...


Similac Alimentum Spit up Issue

L.S. asks from Detroit

I have tried 5 formulas now for my 2 1/2 month old son. Started with Enfamil Newborn, which made him gassy and constipated, then went to gentleease, which still made ...


HELP! My Baby Won't Gain Weight

N.G. asks from Dallas

my son is 3 months old and he started out in the 19th percentile for weight but last month dropped to the 7th and has now moved up to the 8th percentile last week...h...


Daughter Not Gaining Weight

J.J. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone experienced a problem with their child not gaining or maintaining weight? My daughter is almost 20 months old. She weighs just under 20 pounds. At her l...


2 Month Old Not Gaining Weight

B.K. asks from Washington DC

I have 4 kids. My oldest 3 did very well. Now I have a newborn. He is 2 months. At birth he was 8 lbs 11 oz. We left the hospital & he was 8 lbs 8 oz. Well I took him...


Equal Formula

K.R. asks from Syracuse

My friends baby is on Similac sensitive formula. She told me WIC won't cover it. They deal only with Enfamil. Is there an equal to similac sensitive?


Generic Baby Formula and Name Brands

B.L. asks from Missoula

I'm having such a hard time with breastfeeding and I'm thinking about going to formula. Is the generic basically the same as the expensive stuff, such as similac?


My 8 Week Old Daughter Is Constipated and MISERABLE!! Please Help!!

T.S. asks from Dallas

Okay so, I changed my dd formula from similac advanced to similac isomil, soy because with the other one, she was getting alot of uncomfortable gas. Well, immediately...


3 Month Old with Reflux "Spitting Up"

L. asks from Dallas

My sweet and wonderful 3 month old has acid reflux. We are controlling the acid with 15mg of Prevacid daily and, with that, the pain now seems to be under control. ...


Advice on Formula

T.F. asks from St. Joseph

Hello all... I am having some trouble with my one month old. For the 1st week and a 1/2 after he was born, I had him on Similac Advance (that is what the hospital use...