Overweight or Underweight: Older Child

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6 Yr Old Weight Issue???

A.R. asks from Boston

Hi, my 6 yr old daughter has always been pretty average with her weight, she takes more after my husband who is a tall kinda big guy. Her weight has never been an iss...


8 Year Old Doesn't Stop Eating, Anyone Else Dealt with This?

T.F. asks from New York

I have an 8 year old daughter who according to the children's BMI chart is "obese." She has always had a solid build and a large appetite but has gained 7 lbs in the...


9 Year Old Daughter Gaining Weight

D.C. asks from Hartford

My beautiful 9 year old daughter seems to be adding on weight in her stomach area over the last 6-9 months. I am concerned about it becoming an issue. The problem I...


6 Year Old Weight Concerns

J.W. asks from Tampa

Oh where to start, sorry if I ramble but I am really stuggling with this and don't know what to do for the best. My 6 year old son who has sensory processing issues s...


I Need Help with My 10 Year Old Daughter!!!!

P.R. asks from New York

I am a mother of 2 daugters 11 and 7. They both have very different characters. I stayed at home for 10 years to be there for them and raise them up the way I wanted...


Over Weight Kid

M.P. asks from Santa Fe

How do i get my 14 yr old son to stop eating for fun not because he is hungry, he used to sneak food but now since we have to litarally lock the fridge and pantry he ...


No Weight Gain

C.M. asks from Portland

It has been a while since I have been on mamasource but I need as much advice as I can get now!! My son, almost 17 months, is not gaining weight. At his 12 month ch...


Over Weight Child

R.U. asks from Boston

Before any one responds please do not lecture me on my child eats what I give her ect......If you knew me you would know I am doing everything possible without ruinin...


7 Year Old Daughter Upset with Her Weight

K.S. asks from Tampa

Hi...my 7 year old told me tonight she didn't like herself because of her tummy sticks out. She said God doesn't like her because He made her like that. Ok, granted...


8 Year Old Bed Wetting...

A.D. asks from Dallas

My 8 year old - he will be 9 in March - is still wearing pull-ups at night. He sleeps like a rock!! We have tried cutting off fluids before bedtime, waking him up (wh...