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Diaper Issue at Night

H.H. asks from Great Falls

My 8 week old daughter is starting to sleep for longer periods at night. YIPPIE! Last night she slept for almost 5 1/2 hours at one time. I was so pleased and than...


Any Other Mamas Dealt with Recurrent Fevers in Your Baby??

J.H. asks from Kansas City

I'll start by saying I'm working with our fantastic pediatrician who is all over this and we've gotten lots of tests done...we're waiting for results which some will ...


My Eight Month Old Is Soaking His Bed

E.H. asks from Omaha

I am having a difficult time with my little man, who is eight months old today. He is soaking himself and his bed. We make sure that we change him everynight right be...


Which Diaper Holds the Most Liquid?

S.O. asks from Nashville

I have a 14-month-old daughter who sleeps from 6:00pm 'til 6:30am. Her diaper is entirely soaked by morning and, unable to hold any more liquid, leaks and soaks her s...


4 Month Old Boy Peeing Through His Diapers at Night

L.B. asks from Dallas

I would lik eto what other mommy's use for their little boys. I am using pampers and just moved into #2's and I do not like them veru much. My son is just about 13l...


Help Me with My Leaky Night Time diaper.....(Moms W/ Infant Boys Please Reply)

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Every night I put my 1yr old son into a huggies night time diaper (size 4). Each morning he wakes up soiled up to his arm pit in pee from his leaky diaper. For some r...


14 Month Old with No Appetite! Please Help! I Am Worried to Death!!!!

C.T. asks from Jacksonville

My 14 month old daughter has no appetite. It's a long story so let me give you the short version. My daughter was never sick until she was about 10 months old, she al...


Leaky Diapers

S.O. asks from St. Louis

So, my daughter seems to be leaking through her diapers during the night. Is there anything I can do to help prevent it? I feel so awful - she wakes up just drenched....


Play Dates - Would You Go About It like This

L.M. asks from Chicago

To make a short story long.... So my daughter (Kindergartner) has had a couple play dates with a girl in her class she especially gets along with and they have so ...