Overweight or Underweight: LL Bean

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Ve Geat Backpacks

P.L. asks from Boston

Hi Moms. So I'm thinking about getting an LL Bean Rolling original backpack for both my boys (7 and 4) for school this year. I hear they have great quality and if ...


Winter Pants and Sizing!

J.V. asks from Chicago

So, I bought my 9 month old daughter a 6-12 month Columbia down bunting suit for this winter. She is already too long for me to use the feet covering. Luckily, my mo...


Rolling Backpacks

M.F. asks from San Francisco

I know this question came up in the past but I am looking for more recent advice. My daughter will be starting 4th grade and we are looking into getting her a rollin...


Backpack Dilemma

D.M. asks from Detroit

Ahhhhh! The choices are endless!! What do you all feel about the backpack issue. Most kids I know get a new one every year with the current superhero of choice. Howev...


Buying Jeans

R.V. asks from San Francisco

Is it just me or does anyone else find jeans to be to long for them ? I'm out of the loop fashion wise so I need help here. I'm trying to find some jeans a.s.a.p! I'm...


Mosquito Repellents That Are Safe for Kids

S.T. asks from Boston

Hi there, My Husband and I are taking our three kids (9,6&3)camping in a couple of weeks and I could use some advise on insect repellents. My youngest gets severe ...


Shopping 'Til I Drop for My Son

B.L. asks from Johnson City

Hello, mamas. My 10 yo son is a little over 5 ft & 150 lbs. My husband and I adopted him and he has grown by leaps and bounds in the 18 months we have had him. The...


Please Help! What Cold Weather Clothes to Buy?

J.T. asks from Chicago

My husband, 4-year-old son, and I just moved from Texas to Crystal Lake, Illinois. I think it goes without saying that we do not have clothing for the upcoming colde...


Holes in Knees of pants...patch or Buy New?

J.R. asks from Saginaw

I am curious how other moms handle this situation. My little boy plays on the floor all the time, hardwood and carpets. My situtaion seems that a pair of pants last...