Overweight or Underweight: Jenny Craig

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Anyone Have Any Experience with Jenny Craig Weight Loss???

T.F. asks from Dallas

Anyone have any experience with Jenny Craig weight loss??? I need to lose about 20 pounds (as well as tone up and get some muscle) and I'm just wondering if anyone h...


Has Anyone Used Jenny Craig?

C.F. asks from Dallas

I need to lose some weight and am not very good about sticking to a diet. I was thinking that if I had meals prepackaged and someone checking up on me every week that...


Jenny Craig/Digestive Issues

J.R. asks from Providence

I was wondering if anyone out there who has been on Jenny Craig has developed any digestive issues. Sorry to be graphic, but both of my sister-in-laws have developed ...


I Cannot Lose Weight!!!!!

B.K. asks from New York

To start, I have had my thyroid checked and it was normal. I did lose 10 lbs. about 6 months ago doing what I'm doing now. For about 3 months I have stuck to a 1200 c...


Diet Plans

B.R. asks from Orlando

I was wondering if anyone tried Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, or any of the other types of diets and had success? They have a deal right now with Jenny Craig of loose 20...


I Cannot Loose weight....HELP!

A.H. asks from Dallas

My son will be 1 next month and I have been working out and I cannot loose the weight. I work out at least 3-4 times a week, with weights and cardio. I eat well(and ...


Diet ?

W.L. asks from Dallas

I am sure this question has been asked numerous times, but here I go anyway. I really do want to lose about 20 pounds and I've even considered diet pills which I don...


Seeking Moms in E. Phoenix Area

M.T. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I am looking for SAHM'S who would like to get together and start any type of workout group, so that we can all work together and help each other loose weight, ...


A Friend of Mine Child Is 15 Years Old and Is the Same Size as an Adult

P.B. asks from Houston

Her child is very over weight. The child is 5'4 and and weighs 217 pounds. As far as medicines since she is the appropriate weight would she be able to take the same ...


Help Me to Help My Husband

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

My husband needs to lose some weight. Not a ton but at least 25 pounds. He has such a hard time being motivated for some reason and I try not to nag at him because ...