Overweight or Underweight: Baby Einstein

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2 Yr Old Gaining Weight

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms - My now two and a half year old daughter was a very chunky baby. She slimmed down a lot when she started walking and even more when she turned 2. All of a ...


9 Month Old Won't Roll Over, Crawl, or Put Any Weight on Feet

J.B. asks from Wichita

I watch a 9 month old boy who developmentally seems slow. He is 22 pounds and loves his food. Some poeple that I have talked to says that is why he is slow at doing...


Is a Little TV Really That Bad?

R.B. asks from Washington DC

My 10 month old son watches TV when Daddy gets home from work, and not for very long periods of time. Sometimes they watch the evening news, but sometimes it's MTV. ...


How Is Your Baby Eating?

J.P. asks from Cincinnati

Daughter is 8 weeks old..born at 6 lbs 9 oz...she is currently 9 lbs and eats formula every 3 hrs, taking in 3 to 3 1/2 oz each time. I'd love to hear what other bab...


When Do I worry.....Not Talking Yet

K.M. asks from Chicago

My sweet daughter is 16 months and still not really trying to say words yet. She says mama, dada, and baba, and maybe an occasional nana (banana) but that is really ...


Tummy Time

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi everyone! I know that tummy time is important, but my 3 month old really hates it. SHe is very chubby (90th percentile), and as I have been neglecting tummy time...


Benadryl Before Plane Ride??

C.S. asks from Houston

I am flying with my almost 1 year old daughter for the first time tommorrow! I'm so nervous about the whole thing. She is a pretty laid back happy baby but I'm worrie...


Fitting "Most" of It All In

M.C. asks from Sacramento

Okay mamas- I need your help again. I have a 14 month old and I need to hear from you experienced mamas in how to fit "most" of what I "want" to get done in one day ...


How to Be a Stay at Home Mom

K.C. asks from Denver

I have a 1 year old daughter (14 months to be exact) and we are having another baby in September! I REALLY want to be a stay at home mom. I was so heartbroken when I ...


1St Time Mom Seeking Birthday Advice

C.O. asks from St. Louis

Hello - My little stinker bug will turn "1" in February. What would be a good idea for a birthday party - is it silly to have something when he's this young? I ...