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Campground near Pittsburgh?

A.M. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi Moms - Do you have any recomendations for Campgrounds (where you can purchase trailers) near Pittsburgh (within 3 hours) that are family friendly and safe? We wou...


Hi I Have a Question About Fundraising ?

G.R. asks from Greensboro

Hi I just moved to a new place my kids are joining activities this summer I'm very excited about for them. My question is what do most people think about fundraising ...


Help - Bleach Did Not Lighten Maroon Polyester Skirt to Red

C.B. asks from Boston

My daughter has a maroon pleated school uniform skirt made out of 100 polyester. We need it to be red for a play. I laid it in 100% bleach overnight thinking it wou...


Pop up Trailer and General Camping Questions

O.H. asks from Phoenix

We are thinking about getting one and fixing it up. Well, minimal fixing. Lol There is one local that has the hard sides and about 6 others with regular soft sides. ...


Daughter Needs Help Growing Up

J.R. asks from Nashville

Help! My DD is 11 and has ADHD. She has always been a little behind socially from her friends. Now at this tween stage, she is catching onto this difference. She stil...


SWH ADD Gift Ideas for TWO Kids/events

P.1. asks from San Francisco

So I am stumped on two gift ideas right now! Normally I have good ideas (or at least I think they are good), but I've been wracking my brain for several months on bo...


Age Range in Classroom, Do Schools and Sports Groups Need to Change Policies?

T.S. asks from Dallas

Do you think there should be some rules parents have to follow as to when they start their kids in school? I have a summer birthday boy and started him in school when...


What Is a Good Age for a First Sleepover?

A.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 6 and while she hasn't asked yet I know she has been thinking about sleepovers lately. She has a few close friends that I know I wouldn't mind her goi...


Family Reunion Food

E.T. asks from Dallas

We are having a family reunion this summer in Minnesota and are responsible for dinner one night. We’re thinking of making some pasta dishes, bread and salad but o...


17 Year Old with ADD? Need to Find a Doctor...

P.C. asks from Dallas

My almost 17 year old son is extremely smart, has been in Gifted/Talented and PreAP classes the entire time he has been in school, but the past two years have been su...