Overnight Camp: Preschooler

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Summer Camp for 4 Year-old?

Y.S. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know of a summer camp program for my 4 year-old near Quantico? I have found some, but they are nearly 30 minutes away. If they are more than 3 hours lon...


3 Year Old Ballet

T.D. asks from Dallas

I am planning on enrolling my 3 year old in ballet classes. I am looking at several different schools and was wondering if there were any better than the others. For...


Best Advice for Preparing 10 Year Old for Camp

T.M. asks from New York

My ten year old son is going to sleep away camp this weekend for the first time with boy scouts. (My husband will be there as well) I talk to him all the time since h...


Same School for Summer? or Different Summer Camp?

T.N. asks from Albuquerque

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my four year old twin girls this summer. Both my husband and I work, so the girls currently go to a wonderful preschool from ...


3 Year Old -Selective Speaking

C.B. asks from Raleigh

My almost 3 year old jabbers away at home and in very comfortable situations, but never speaks to, or in front of, "strangers", even neighbors he sees frequently. He ...


Inexpensive Overnight Camp in Northern Californfor at Least 5 Days for Teenagers

K.B. asks from San Francisco

I have an 16 yr old daughter thats totally bored this summer. So far shes been enjoying t.v and sleep, so I thought it would be great to send her off to camp for a we...


Summer Camp Suggestions...

A.P. asks from Dallas

We are new to the Prosper area--we did not move from too far away, but far enough that our old summer haunts (Natatorium for swimming lessons, various school district...


Dance Class for 3 Year Old in Cedar Park Area

N.W. asks from Austin

We want to put our 3 year old daughter in a dance class and I don't know where to take her. We have seen a few flyers but the places look like they would be very str...


Seeking Fun Activity/outing for My Almost 4 Year Old Son

K.K. asks from Dallas

During my MIL's visit, we are looking to take each of my children out for a fun activity. For my daughter, we have decided to do a tea party in grapevine. But I am s...


Seeking Info on College of Dupage Preschool

K.S. asks from Chicago

i was wondering if anyone has had their child in the college of dupage preschool. if so i would love to hear what you think of their program. thank you!!!