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Preparing for First Grade

J.D. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, My son will be starting first grade in September and I'm trying to prepare for it. We home schooled for Grade K because we didn't have public K in our tow...


Creative Gift Idea, Please! I Have No Idea What to Get!

L.L. asks from Rochester

Thanks to generous extended family, my children have all they could want for toys, etc. For the past two years I have struggled with my meager budget to find them th...


Are Garage Sales Worth the Trouble?

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

We have a ton of stuff to get rid of - mostly kid clothes, toys, books, etc. In the past, we have given stuff away and given some items to relatives/friends but as w...


Pop up Trailer and General Camping Questions

O.H. asks from Phoenix

We are thinking about getting one and fixing it up. Well, minimal fixing. Lol There is one local that has the hard sides and about 6 others with regular soft sides. ...


Fundraising Suggestions

V.S. asks from Reading

So my kids will be going to a brand new school - not just new to them, completely new in the district - next year, and it is a specialty school that draws from all ov...


Relocating to Ann Arbor from Miami, FL

C.M. asks from Detroit

My family of 4 (3 1/2 year old boy & 1 year old girl) will be relocating to the Ann Arbor area from sunny and warm Miami, right in the middle of the winter (December ...