Other Nursery Items: The First Years

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Nursery Decorating Advice!

We are expecting a baby girl in June. A couple of years ago, we re-did our second bedroom with deep red walls, cream carpet, and white trim, closet doors, and shelves. It's a beautiful room, and since we put so much effort into it, we're trying to avoid re-decorating everything, but we're having a hard time finding a color scheme that will match. I really love the baby safari animal theme for bedding, etc. I have found some crib bedding that is mostly light pink and tan with some red accents in it. We want to keep the room light and airy...


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Need a Good Humidifier

We use a humidifier a lot due to my daughters allergies and constant congestion. We recently had to throw our Hamilton Beach one away. The filters needed to be changed all the time and it was starting to have a funny smell. Does anyone know of a good humidifier that is good for daily use?


Infant with RSV

I took my 3 month old baby girl to hospital this past Wednesday. They ran a...

Rocking Chairs & Gliders

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7 Week Old Only Sleeps Held or with Mom/dad

I have a 7 week old baby girl who has rejected the bassinet from day one. We tried for over a week to help her sleep in the bassinet but with no success. We tried putting her in the bouncer, swing, carseat but still she wouldn't sleep. We ended up carrying her and sitting in the glider in order to get some rest. Our pediatrician advised us to do whatever we need to do for everyone to sleep. So if that means carrying her or co-sleeping, then to do it. Our ped said that you can't spoil her at this age. During the day, she naps in the...


Monitor for Baby #2

Hi Mamas! Baby #2 is due in January, and with the holidays past I'm finally...