Other Nursery Items: First Years

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Bottle Warmer Help

Ok my friend gave me a night and day bottle warmer made by the first years and I can't wait to use it for my 4 month old. Unfortunately it came with no directions. Does anyone know how it works? Please help THanks


Stinky Diaper Pail

I have been using a Diaper Champ since my son was born 10 1/2 months ago. I...

Rocking Chairs & Gliders

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7 Week Old Only Sleeps Held or with Mom/dad

I have a 7 week old baby girl who has rejected the bassinet from day one. We tried for over a week to help her sleep in the bassinet but with no success. We tried putting her in the bouncer, swing, carseat but still she wouldn't sleep. We ended up carrying her and sitting in the glider in order to get some rest. Our pediatrician advised us to do whatever we need to do for everyone to sleep. So if that means carrying her or co-sleeping, then to do it. Our ped said that you can't spoil her at this age. During the day, she naps in the...


Monitor for Baby #2

Hi Mamas! Baby #2 is due in January, and with the holidays past I'm finally...