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Humidifier in Nursery

Hi moms My 3 month old has a mild cold with a little congestion. I've heard it's good to have a cool-mist humidifier running in the nursery during the winter months, when it's dry, and have also heard one should only run it when the baby is sick, otherwise there could be a mold issue. I didn't grow up in this climate, so have no past experience to draw on. Should I run a humidifier continuously in his nursery? (We have steam heat in our condo.) Should I just run it while he's sick, or at night? Any other thoughts or experiences...


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Recommendations for Purchasing Nursery Furniture

Hi! I'm a first time Mom and I am in the process of looking at nursery furniture. Does anybody have any recommendations of places to look? Honestly, I'm not sure of a lot of places that sell baby furniture. Your help is appreciated! Thanks!


My Empty Nursery

I am having trouble finding quality nursery sets (ie: grow-with-me crib,...

Furniture Set

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Looking for Nursery Furniture

I'm looking for furniture for the nursery. The set that I had picked is on back order until July. The baby is due July 6th. Please comment if you know of places to buy nursery furniture in the area other than Babies R Us and USA Baby. Thank you!

Rocking Chairs & Gliders

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Rocker Versus Glider and Ottoman

I need your help....too many choices....rocker versus glider and ottoman? That's question 1 and question 2 is what brands have you experienced that are of good and lasting and comfortable quality?


Looking for a Glider

We had our first baby 4 weeks ago and thought we could get by with my mom's...


Rocking Chair Delima

So I have a 16 month old who LOVES to rock to unwind each night before bed....