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Teething Baby

J.S. asks from Dallas

My baby boy just turned 3 months old. He has been acting very restless while sleeping the last couple of nights and also while awake. He started chewing and sucking...


Baby Is 6 Months and Stopped Sleeping Through the Night

J.M. asks from New York

My baby started sleeping through at 3 months and has been up until now. He just turned 6 months and now wakes up. We give him a bottle and he falls asleep. I have...


8 1/2 Month Old Eating Questions

H.C. asks from Lubbock

My son is 8 1/2 months old and has started not wanting a bottle during the day. He will take no more than 6 oz in the morning and at bedtime. He just wants his baby...


Teething Pain Relief

A.M. asks from Columbus

Any hints on relieving teething pain so my 9 month old can sleep through the night without waking up in pain? Last night he literally woke up every hour! I gave him H...


Nursing Mom Seeks Advice About 9Mo. Old Son

T.L. asks from Boston

I have been nursing my son to sleep since day 1. He only took to the pacifier very briefly then wanted nothing to do with it. For the first 3 mo. he slept bedside in ...


8 Month Old Won't Eat

B.S. asks from Chicago

Hi, My baby has been on solids since she was 4 months old (along with breastmilk and formula). For the last two week she does not want to eat. She will still t...


Tooth Ache

M.J. asks from Denver

So I have a bad tooth ache and I dont see my dentist till friday. Does anyone know of home remedies that work. Thanks


Baby Teething and Breastfeeding

J. asks from Dallas

My baby just turned 6 months today. He is strickly breastfed unless I am away and he takes a bottle. For the past week we have been giving him Tylenol during the day ...


3 Month Old Teething

A.M. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is 3 and a half months old. I knew on Easter she was starting to teeth because we could see white spots in the middle bottom of her mouth. Just yesterday ...



K.P. asks from Philadelphia

I was wondering if anyone can give me any good tips about teething. My son is 5 months old and has started to cut teeth and he crys and crys 90% of the day the other ...