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Son Wont Sleep

S.L. asks from Milwaukee

for the last three nights my eleven month year old son has been waking up in the middle of the night. He was on a great sleeping schedule but all of sudden he started...


Infants Tylenol or Motrin

C.E. asks from Las Vegas

Hi Ladies, I was wondering what your take is on Infants Tylenol or Motrin? Tylenol does not seem to work, but it is always recommended. I mostly use the highlands ...



K.S. asks from Topeka

my daughter is getting her first tooth/teeth in... i can feel it breaking through the gums. she's been pretty fussy in the evenings and i'm sure it's probably the tee...


Inside Lip Injury from a Drinking Straw

L.G. asks from Denver

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy about 12 days ago and while in the hospital they gave me a hospital mug with a straw from which I got a little injury to my upper...


Worried About Very Late Teether

B.C. asks from Allentown

My son is 13.5 mo old and has no signs of any teeth coming in. We had bloodwork done last week and I will find out the results today. I think they are looking for a v...


Teething? Small Amount of Bleeding in Mouth!

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! My son is 7 months old and so far has no teeth. I think he is teething because he chews everything and is drooling a lot. His gums feel hard and sometimes he...


Breastfeeding and Dental Work

S.B. asks from Chicago

I'm about to go into the dentist to have them look at a tooth that's been giving me a lot of trouble. I've been taking ibuprofen and tylenol at home for the pain. M...



J.H. asks from Green Bay

Does anyone have any tips on how to get your child to sleep thru the night when they're teething?


Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser

P.M. asks from San Diego

Hi, My son is 8 months old now and has 2 bottom teeth slowly coming in. My husband and I have been brushing his teeth to get him used to the toothbrush (infant toot...


Teething Help

A.H. asks from York

My 5 1/2 month old has just cut his 2 bottom teeth and he is in extreme pain! I give him motrin every 6 hours and orajel every 4 but he still seems to be in extreme ...