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Facebook Bullying

M.E. asks from Washington DC

A group of kids took a photo of my daughter while she was dancing, placed it on one of their Facebook pages, and started a conversation full of cruel comments. Has a...


Facebook & Similar sites-Am I Crazy Not to Want to Join?

M.Z. asks from Appleton

I have received several "invitations" from friends and family members to join either Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, I am not excited (at all)to join these sites and...


Facebook 101

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

I swore I would never have an account. Well, now that school has started for my little guy I have realized I do indeed need one. The school sends out most of its no...


12 Yr. Old Daughter- Sneaks and Creates a Facebook-Twice!

S.C. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter just turned 12 few months ago. When she was 10 I allowed her to have an email account, which was going fine (I have the password and would check periodic...


Facebook Friends??

S.T. asks from Kansas City

Ok just wondering are you friends with family and everybody you know and went to school with (even from other classes) or just family and people who you talk to on th...


Facebook Bashing?

H.M. asks from Denver

Why do people feel the need to bash Facebook? While I don't think it's the greatest thing out there - I DO think it makes it much easier for people to stay in contac...


Facebook Dilemma

D.P. asks from Los Angeles

My SIL is a Facebook fanatic. She is on her Facebook page all the time according to what she tells me and all our friends tell me as well. I do not have a facebook ...


Facebook Friends

E.J. asks from Lincoln

Dang it! My 2 ex sister in laws friended me on fb, so I have the option of accepting or clicking on Not now. I don't have any problem with them, they are always inv...


Facebook and My Inlaws

M.F. asks from Youngstown

My MIL joined Faceblook to see pictures of my kids and that is the only reason she goes on. Well I put a post up about my son getting stitches in his head on Friday n...