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Stokke Highchair for Toddler

A.R. asks from New York

My 2 1/2 yr old son started resisting his high chair probably a year ago. We then put a booster seat on a regular chair, but about 6 months ago he started resisting t...


Is the Stokke Xplory Complete a Good Stroller All the Way Around?

T.D. asks from San Diego

Okay, so some of you maybe thinking "STATUS" stroller and I am not going to disagree with any of you there. I actually like what this stroller has to offer and the co...


Wooden High Chair.

L.A. asks from Reno

I really like the look of the wooden high chairs, but before I buy I'd like everyone's opinions on which one is good. Thanks everyone:)


High Chair Suggestions

P.P. asks from Chicago

We had a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders high chair for my first son and it's a great high chair. We're using it again with my younger son (in a new home) and we've now g...


High Chair

D.P. asks from New York

Im trying to buy a High Chair for my son but i cant really tell what ones are good and what ones are bad!!! what would be the ultimate high chair??? Do i even nee...


How Long Did You Use the High Chair?

R.D. asks from Richmond

My house is STUPID small, so we had to get rid of our dining room table. The girls eat dinner at the bar, my husband and I sit at the coffee table, my son goes in his...


After High Chair -What's Next?

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies. I have a 4 y/o that is getting too big for a high chair. He is not sitting at the table and constantly gets up and as a result not focused on eating and re...


Seeking a Good Booster Seat to Transition to Dining Table

C.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter is showing interest in sitting at the table with my husband and I during meals. We have looked at a few booster seats in the stores, but they are more lik...


Toddler Won't Sit to Eat at the Table.

J.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hello ladies, My husband and I are having some big challenges trying to get our son to sit and eat at the table. He will sit with us individually but not when we ar...


Must Haves for a Mom of 2

D.M. asks from Tampa

I think I have everything covered on my baby registry but I just wanted to see if any Moms out there had any good ideas for things a mother of a 1 1/2 year old and a ...