Older Child: Steroids

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Need Help with Asthma

S.F. asks from Fort Myers

I recently took my son to a pulmonologist to discuss options for treating his asthma and to rule out any other major reasons for him having 4 spouts of pnemonia since...


Son's Asthma Out of Control- Immunotherapy?

A.A. asks from Dallas

My 4 1/2 son is not responding well to Allegra, Nasonex, symbicort. His allergies and asthma are out of control and I'm sick and tired of giving him steroids. I have ...


Eczema Getting Worse on My 2 Boys

M.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, I have a 4 yo and a 5 month old boys that have eczema. My 4yo has it all over his body and its getting worse as he ages. I moisturize his body 2-3/day with ...


Seeking Advice for My 2 Yr Old Diagnosed with Asthma

L.P. asks from New York

Hi Moms: I am hoping that there is a mom out there that can relate to what I am going through with my little boy. On his 2nd birthday (10/11) he started with a coug...


Does Anyone Know of Any Natural Treatments for Asthma?

C.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 year old son has asthma anytime he gets a cold. The problem is he catches colds so easy and any cold goes straight to his lungs. Then we have to start breathin...


Beagle in Pain

B.W. asks from Minneapolis

Three weeks ago our beagle started showing signs of being in exteme pain. Arching her back trembling and panting. We took her to the vet and they determined that sh...


Kindergartner with Major Mood Swings

A.K. asks from San Francisco

Okay, I am absolutely at the end of my rope. My 6 year old boy has lately been viciously mean to me, is hyper-active at home, and constantly in his little sister's f...


S. Emma's Mom

S.W. asks from Dallas

Emma is doing alot better with this new Med the doctor put her on we are just waiting now to talk with all the other specialist to see what they say and see how much ...


Recovery Time-5 Y/o Boy

A.M. asks from Lakeland

Good Afternoon All, Five weeks ago, my 5 y/o son had a cold which then turned into bronchitis. He was put on antibiotics and steroids (he is asthmatic as well) wh...


Growth Hormones for Kids

M.L. asks from Cleveland

I think i'm pretty ok with the fact that my son is going to be short, but I would like a safe place to just hear about peoples experiences with growth hormones. DS...