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Must Haves for 2Nd Baby

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

I'm thinking pretty far ahead right now, but we just found out that I'm pregnant with our second child and I'm eager to do something. I was trying to decide what thi...


3 Kids with a Duo Glider Stroller

L.T. asks from Chicago

hello! I just bought a duo glider stroller for my 2months old and my 2 1/2 yrs , also i have a 4yrs old that i thought he was done with the stroller but i realize th...


1St Grade Field Trip. Am I CRAZY?

T.M. asks from Chicago

ok so my 6 year old brings home a field trip permission slip for the Milwaukee Zoo. I looked at it like... what?! First of all, that is in another state and over a...


Looking for Activities for My 3 Year Old and Infant

N.Y. asks from Chicago

I am looking for activities for my VERY outgoing 3 year old that's safe enough for me to be able to take my 9 week old to watch.


Shopping for a Good Baby Carrier

S.S. asks from Sacramento

I am about to have baby #2 and was told that a "must have" is a front carrier for the new baby. Since there are SOOO many choices out there I was looking for some adv...


Advice on Exersaucers and Jumping Products

B.H. asks from Chicago

I recently heard from my Pediatrician that Exersaucers and Jumping Products are bad and can actually cause bow-leggedness. I was looking at purchasing the Rainforres...


What Is Your Hubby Getting for Christmas This Year?

S.B. asks from Dallas

I have one of those guys that doesn't really want or need much and when he does, he just goes out and buys it. He's a gardener, home brewer and kayaker. But he has ...


Baby Carriers

A.H. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone every used the carrier called the "Moby Wrap?" How about the Peanut Shell? Baby Bjorn? Tell me what you love or hate about some carriers. Not super in...


Need Advice on a Good Baby Carrier for Older Babies

C.S. asks from Dallas

we are adopting a baby, and she's already 6 months old and 15 pounds. She probably won't be here until she's around 9 months old- so I need a convertable (wear on ba...



A.V. asks from St. Louis

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old daughter and expecting baby #2 - a little boy, in just a couple of weeks. I am trying to figure out the best alternative for a strol...