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Double Stroller vs Snugli Type Carrier

A.T. asks from Colorado Springs

I am due to have my 4th child on July 3rd and am trying to figure out what form of "transportation" I want to use for the mall or park or walks etc. My youngest is g...


What Is the Most Versatile Carrier?

T.M. asks from Medford

We recently switched our soon-to-be 5 month old baby's car seat and it isn't a traveller kind. We are now faced with how to easily carry our baby when we grocery sho...


8 Month Old Who Constantly Cries

T.B. asks from Lake Charles

I have an 8 month old little boy. He constantly cries if I don't hold him or if he isn't around me. At the babysitter's house he cries for hours at a time. He usually...


Having to Hold Baby Constantly

K.C. asks from Grand Junction

I have a 9 weeks old baby who is fine when I am holding him but the second I set him down he screams out. He cries so hard until I pick him up and he is fine. I have ...


HELP!! Need Advice on Adjusting from 1 Child to 2

A.G. asks from Chicago

I am a mother of an almost four year old boy and a one month old girl. I am feeling extreemly overwhelmed and feel as if I am neglecting my older child's needs for m...


5 Months Old Crying a Lot

K.B. asks from San Diego

Hi everyone! I have a little girl who is 5 months old and is crying almost all day when awake. I also have an 8 yo boy but I didn't have this type of issue with him. ...


Double Stroller or Sit and Stand???

D.P. asks from Philadelphia

I am expecting my second baby in April and am starting to look at strollers. The baby will be born a few months before my son turns 3. I am torn between a regular dou...


Best Carrier for Twins?

O.M. asks from Chicago

Hi - Does anyone have any experience with using carriers with twins? I've done some preliminary looking online and I have seen the Maximom Twin carrier, and also t...


Grocery Shopping with Newborn

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have a newborn and a preschool aged child. I know you are not supposed to clip the baby car seat on the front of the cart anymore (a child fell off and died). But...


Baby Slings

R.C. asks from South Bend

I'm looking for advice from those of you who have experience with carrying your baby in a sling. It seems like if would be convenient for breastfeeding and free me u...