Older Child: Singulair

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Allergy Meds

H.M. asks from Dallas

My 9 year old son is on Singulair (for the past year). Today he went to the allergy doctor and was given Allegra , Nasonex, Bepreve, and Cefdinir. This seems like s...


Allergist V/s Pediatritian

Y.S. asks from Chicago

Hello moms, my son's pediatrician has prescribed us Nasacort nose spray then Claritin, Benadryl, Singulair, none seem to work for him. I'm wondering if I should take ...


Advise on Dr. Prescription

M.M. asks from El Paso

I took my 10 year old son to the doctor with symptoms including a soar throat and stuffy nose. The nurse did a quick strep test that came back negative. When the do...


Behavior Issues and Allergy Meds

M.H. asks from York

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or insight on Allergy medicine and children's behavior. My son will be 8 in 3 weeks and has been on allergy meds ...



G.A. asks from Tyler

I have a 20 month old who has been on Singulair for allergies. His doctor changed him to Zyrtec yesterday. He took his first dose last night. It seemed to make him...


6 Year Old Diagnosed with Asthma/allergies

L.K. asks from Port St. Lucie

Last year after a 2 year stretch of lots of coughs we had my son tested for allergies. He was diagnosed with asthma and allergic to dust mites and pet dander. He has ...


6 Year Old with "Borderline" Asthma

T.E. asks from Houston

Just looking for some "mom" advice /suggestions on dealing with an asthmatic child. (EX. any of your tips, old wives tales,etc) Thanks


Eczema/allergy Help

L.H. asks from Dallas

Help! My 7 year old has had eczema since she was an infant. We had hoped she would grow out of it but it seems to be getting worse. We've seen an allergist several...


Treatment for Allergies and Mild Asthma

T.L. asks from Rochester

Hello Everyone. I really need some advice on what to do for my 6 year old son. First a little background: he was born with severe acid reflux and was on Zantac syru...


Allergy Specialist Versus Ears Nose and Throat Specialist

S.B. asks from Houston

My 3 year old (4 in Jan) has had a runny nose since he was born. It's a constant problem for him and us. We've tried Claritin, Zyrtec, and he's currently on Singulair...