Older Child: Singulair

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Drastic, Sudden Change in 7 Year Old Hearing - Possibly Allergies?

K.H. asks from Los Angeles

My 7 year old's hearing has drastically worsened in the last month. She took a hearning test at school in September and her results were perfect. About 3 weeks ago ...


My 10 Year Old and Her Allergies

M.S. asks from Chicago

My 10 year old daughter has seasonal allergies. She takes Zyrtec every morning. It does help her her stuffy nose, but her eyes are still very itchy. The Zyrtec doe...


Advice on 6 Year Old Diagnosed with Tic Disorder (What Has Helped You?)

M.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, My son was recently diagnosed with Tic Disorder. We noticed his first tic at 2 1/2 year old, he started blinking alot. I took him to the eye doctor and his ...


7 Year Old with Persistent Green Mucus

J.N. asks from Joplin

My 7 year old son has green mucus all year long. We have tried different meds for allergies and now he is on Singulair for his allergies and asthma. He also has a tub...


Our 7 Year Old Is Going to Drive Us All Crazy!

R.K. asks from Springfield

Hi. My 7 year old son is in the first grade. He is very very smart sometimes too smart. The problem we are having at home and he is having the same problem at scho...


6 Year Old with Frequent Croupy Cough at Night

L.S. asks from Hartford

My 6 year old DD has frequent barking croupy coughs at night which can last for hours. She seems to fill with mucus and often coughs until she vomits. When she vomi...


Advise on 7 Year Old Coughing at Night

T.K. asks from Chicago

HI everyone, I need some advice. My son goes to bed about 8pm. At some point almost every night (sometimes at midnight , sometimes 3am) he starts coughing….and ...


Claritan Am/zyrtec PM for 6 Year Old?

S.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My daughter's pediatrician recommended she take Claritan in the morning and Zyrtec at night during this high allergy season. She's never been diagnosed wit...


Dark Circle Under My 7 Year Old Sons Eyes

K.M. asks from Salt Lake City

I noticed my son has dark circles under his eyes a few day ago and this morning they looked really dark. I am wondering if anyone knows any causes for this. I have ...


8 Year Old and Cough

E.M. asks from Louisville

My daughter has ALWAYS seemed to have a cough like forever! normally it was a cough then nothing for another hour then another cough and i mean one cough. now every t...