Older Child: Simplicity

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Behavior Issues in 6 Year Old Girl, Disrespect, Drama, Yelling

J.M. asks from Seattle

I am a little afraid to ask this question, having just read a ton of judgemental comments responding to a mom who blogged about a chaotic trip to a restaurant, but he...


Child Last Name Change, Need Help!!!

C.M. asks from Grand Rapids

I have a daughter who was born out of wedlock. I met my husband when she was 3 mo old and we now have a daughter together. My oldest is starting school and I want her...


Child That Argues

C.M. asks from Billings

I need some help!!! I have an 8 year old son that wants to turn everything into an arguement with me. It doesnt matter what the subject is he will argue with me. My h...


Health and Medical

M.B. asks from Spokane

Hi all, Until recently my husband and I haven't really given diet much credit for our children's behavior but now we're wondering if we should look into the subject....


Only Children and Solo Play

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a soon-to-be 7 year old son (our "only"). This question is specifically for mothers of only children. I find that my son does not seem to want to play alone w...


Another H1N1 Question

T.G. asks from Chicago

I noticed on some responses about H1N1 that some people say they have had it. I was wondering what your symptoms were, how quickly the flu came on, how long it laste...


Hamdmade Gifts

K.L. asks from Savannah

My husband and I would like to make some of our Christmas gifts for the family, but our brains are not giving us any good ideas. So far, we were thinking of aprons, ...


Looking for Pajamas-Frisco/Mckinney/Plano

S.Q. asks from Dallas

I am looking for 2pc sets of "men's style" pajamas for children ages 6-10 in 100% cotton. Everywhere I look they are polyester or fleece material. If anyone has any...


My Dog Is Dying.

C.D. asks from Austin

Took my 7 year old german shepherd to the vet last week because she has been acting different and stopped eating. Found out she has lymphoma, and has to be put down. ...


Church for Easter Services: Which One?

C.M. asks from New York

For someone who has not been to a church in years, but was raised Catholic, what kind of Christian church should I attend this Easter Sunday with my 7 year old child?...