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Looking to Buy a New Mattress.

J.N. asks from Chicago

Our current mattress is 10 years old and needs to go! I have looked into the sleep number bed but a I am also considering the Simmons Beauty rest ( a traditional spri...


Looking to Buy a New Mattress...

B.C. asks from Dallas

My hubby and I are looking to replace our 10+ year old mattress this winter. I'm all for looking at the temperpedic but he thinks it'll be aweful b/c it won't let you...


What's the Best Type/brand of Mattress for a Toddler?

S.S. asks from Jacksonville

My 3 year old son currently sleeps in his crib with the front part off. The crib turns into a double bed (not a twin). We are looking at putting him into his "big boy...


Seeking a Safe and Good Elementary School for North or North West LasVegas

L.T. asks from Las Vegas

We are moving from Texas to LasVegas. I am wanting to learn about some of the schools for my Nine year old son. He is in the Fourth grade and will be coming to Vegas ...


Looking for to Buy Mattress That Alleviates Back Pain

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, We are buying a new mattress and bedroom furniture. We have a decent queen size mattress, but we will be buying a king mattress. (We do need to buy the...


Good Mattress for Kids?

A.V. asks from Washington DC

We would like to upgrade my DD to a full mattress. What are good brands? Has anyone tried IKEA and if so, what did you get or like?


Seeking Info on My Sons Teeth

S.M. asks from Macon

my son is ten years old and has very bad teeth .he goes to the dentist regularly but no one can tell me what is wrong with them.all of his teeth are soft and break of...


Little Things to Get Back in Shape / Encouragement Appreciated Also

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I need your support, and ideas/helpful hints/tidbits to get healthier, shed some inches, get back in shape. OH - just started walking at lunch at work...


Summer Reading suggestions...What's Your Favorites?

M.B. asks from Springfield

So I 'm gearing up for summer with the kids and one of the "field trips" will be to the libarary. I was hoping you could offer up your favorite books that we may not...


Seeking Suggestions for Books Along the Stephen King/Dean Koontz" Genre

N.D. asks from Chicago

I am a crazy fan of Stephen King and Dean Koontz horror books. For those of you who enjoy these type of books, can you suggest any other similar authors? I've abo...