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Help! Need to Know How to Control 6Yr Old Boy!!!

W.W. asks from Indianapolis

Calling out for help! My 6 year old boy is in first grade. He is doing very well with math, reading, etc. It’s his behavior in class. He won’t stop pay at...


Creative Gift Idea for 5 Year Old.

B.K. asks from Rapid City

I am looking for creative gift ideas for my 5 year old niece. She has about everything you could imagine that you can just go buy in the stores, so I am looking for c...


Starting School

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

Any homeschoolers out there that are getting ready to start full schedule soon? We are planning to in a week from today. I have 4 kids altogether, an almost 8 year (l...



A.B. asks from Knoxville

Is my five year old daughter to old to take a bath with her one year old brother. they have been taking a bath together since he was 6 months old. She knows the diffe...


I'm Missing Something with My DD

L.M. asks from Cleveland

I don't know how to relate to her. specifically how to help her with a project. She is 7, the teacher assigned the kids to make a timeline of their life. The te...


Fine Motor Skills Help!

B.W. asks from Seattle

My twin sons will be 4 at the end of May. One of my sons has an IEP and gets speech and occupational therapy at a public preschool, my other son atteneds the school a...


3 Year Old with "Party Anxiety"

L.C. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone, My daughther loves to go to her friends birthday/holiday parties but once she gets there she tends to whine and cling to me. She complains a lot a...


Need Craft Idea for Birthday Party

B.S. asks from Lansing

Having a family party for both my girls birthday would like to do a craft with them and their cousins. They all range within 5-8 and are boys & girls. Does anyone h...


Help with Present Idea for 4 Year Old

S.N. asks from Kansas City

I am really struggling with a Christmas gift idea for my 4 year old girl this year. My 6 year son will be getting an Intendo DS and I am at a loss for what to get my...