Older Child: Pedialyte

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7 Year Old Who Barely Eats

M.S. asks from Dallas

I have a 7-year-old son who has a hard time eating. In fact if he had it his way, he wouldn't eat anything the entire day. We constantly get on to him at the table ab...


Sinus Infection in 6 Year Old

K.J. asks from New Orleans

Ok this question is about my 6 year old daughter. Long story short she woke up Christmas night throwing up a couple of times. She had a low grade fever. Her 4 1/2 bro...


Dehydrated 9 Year Old Son...

A.G. asks from Chicago

My son was not feeling well yesterday, headache, eyes hurt, just feeling weak all over and felt like he was going to vomit but never did. He took a shower and went to...


6 Year Old with a Prolonged Headache

T. asks from Birmingham

My 6 year old has a veery bad headache that gets worst with movement and is pulsating. I took him to the doctor and he said that it was just a virus and that the head...


15 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Week Now

A.A. asks from Pittsburgh

My baby has had diarrhea for almost a week now and the doctor doesn't seem too concerned. He is eating and drinking ok, he really doesn't act sick. (May be from him t...


Vomitting and Diaharea

G.F. asks from Miami

Hello mothers, Yesterday I had to take my almost 2yr old out of school due to vomitting. The teachers explained that they believe is a virus and that other kids ha...


"2Yr Son Getting Sick Often"

H.N. asks from Phoenix

He was fine couple of days but now he again got sick with cough, fever and running nose. Stopped eating just drinks pedialyte. Can any one please help me in letting m...



M.W. asks from Chicago

Hello Mamas, Just a quick question......my son who is 9 year-old has had watery diarrhea since Friday evening (almost 4 days now). He is drinking water, trying blan...



M.H. asks from Lincoln

So this may be a little TMI, but I just need some advice. My daughter has had MAJOR diarrhea since Tuesday (so for about 4 days) to the point where in almost every di...


Seeking Mom's Dealing with or Having Dealt with HFMD

D.B. asks from Dallas

Are there any Mom's who are caring for their child who has been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. My 8 year old has never been so miserable and lethargic.