Older Child: Luvs

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Luvs V. Huggies?

J.M. asks from Boston

Hi All We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we all!) and I was wondering if anyone has used Luvs diapers? Huggies have worked best for our...


Diaper Rash

E.H. asks from Milwaukee

my daughter recently moved up in size in diapers a couple days ago. when i moved her up i changed to LUVS and she got a really bad diaper rash that is just now starti...


What Size Should I Get My Son

J.F. asks from Saginaw

Hello again. I am coming on to ask what size diapers and what brand you all recommend. I put him in a size 3 right now. But he keeps leaking through to his clothes. I...


What Brand of Diaper Do You Recommend?

S.H. asks from Waco

My youngest child is almost a year old and recently she has been leaking through her diaper. I have 3 other children and have always used either Wal-Mart or Babies '...


Diapers with Bang for Buck

L.D. asks from Burlington

I am looking for a diaper that will give me more "bang for my buck." I use White Cloud (walmart brand) quite frequently, in the value pack, i get 124 diapers for abou...


Is Anyone Else Disgusted By...

L.L. asks from Rochester

I love Luvs diapers, but their new advertising is SO DISGUSTING! I'm wondering if I am just being an unreasonable prude, or if others feel this way. If you haven'...



N.V. asks from Boston

I have a 33 mo old son, who pees on the toilet sporadically, and a 15 mo old daughter. With diapers getting more expensive, is it cost-effective to try cloth diapers...


Eczema/allergy Help

L.H. asks from Dallas

Help! My 7 year old has had eczema since she was an infant. We had hoped she would grow out of it but it seems to be getting worse. We've seen an allergist several...


Need a Diaper Brand Recommendation for Size 3

J.W. asks from Portland

Hi Moms, I need a recommendation for good brand of disposable diapers in size 3. We currently use the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive and wish they came in size 3. ...


Need Cheap but Good Diapers

C.B. asks from Dallas

I have an almost 3-month-old, and I've been using Pampers up until now. But--we're trying to cut back in some areas, so I'd like to find a cheaper diaper. Does anyo...