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Playgroups in Hudson, NH? or Will Travel!

C.K. asks from Boston

Hi all, We just moved from North Andover, MA to Hudson, NH. I haven't made a single friend here yet and would really like to find playgroups in the area, or people w...


Child Support

F.M. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, Has anyone gone through the child support process? I started my child support process in February of 2007, meaning I went to the office and started the ap...


Premenstral Problems

J.D. asks from Chicago

Hi there, Anyone know anything about pmdd? My pms symptoms are out of control. I am so bloated, aggitated, and CRANKY. Not to mention I am starving for about 1 ...


Do You See a Difference in How People React to Your Child Based on Dress?

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

Today I allowed my daughter to dress herself horribly. She is 4 and I often let her go out with ridiculous clothing combinations, but often it has a certain Punky Br...


Looking for Part Time Daycare in Mesa, AZ

D. asks from Phoenix

I need some type of part time care so I can run errands and go to the dermatologist (2-3x/week) and keep my sanity. Does anyone know of a "Moms Morning Out" type pro...


Cost of in Home Daycare?

S.B. asks from Chicago

I'm a new mom returning to work shortly. I'm curious as to what the going rate is for daycare in someone's home. I'm looking for in-home daycare in my area (Plainfi...


Seeking Pediatrician in the Torrance Area That Takes Pacificare Insurance

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

I am currently looking for a pediatrician for my 17mo old daughter and 1mo old son. I need one who is very pro-breastfeeding and knows the proper care for an un-circe...


Looking for a Dr. in Los Angeles That Will Do a Delayed Vaccination Schedule

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

I've been following the advice from family and friends on delaying my daughter's vaccinations. I was not vaccinated until I was close to 1 years old. I was refused se...


MZ Twins (Identical)

S.V. asks from Fresno

I just found out that my boys are MZ twins. Origionaly after they were born my doctor had a biopsy done on my placinta and it came back that my boys were DZ. With fur...