Older Child: Gerry

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Birth Control over Getting Tubes Tied!!

K.C. asks from Columbus

I have a 10 year old son and am pregnant with my second due in 7 weeks. I have been planning on having my tubes tied after this one. But my dr keeps trying to suggest...


Looking for Pediatrician

L.M. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for a new pediatrician as the current one is not very responsive or compassionate as I hoped. The earlier referrals with St. Lukes group is not possible...


Bedtime and Getting up in the Morning

T.S. asks from Lincoln

Need advice on getting daughter to go to sleep when it is bedtime, instead of staying up for hours after we've put her in her room for bed. Also, advice on getting...


Double Stroller Is It Worth It?

A.H. asks from Dallas

I am a mom of 2 year old boy and pregnant with a little girl. She is due in February and he turns 3 in February. I have heard mixed thoughts when it comes to getting ...


Help with Infant Carrier!

H.B. asks from Evansville

Oka, with my first child I purchased the Evenflo Snugle Comfort Vent soft carrier. I carried him around in this all the time. Never any problems. My 4 month old is...


Need Advice on a Good Baby Carrier for Older Babies

C.S. asks from Dallas

we are adopting a baby, and she's already 6 months old and 15 pounds. She probably won't be here until she's around 9 months old- so I need a convertable (wear on ba...