Older Child: Fisher Price

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Fisher Price Smart Cycle

M.T. asks from Chicago

Has anyone had experience with the Fisher Price Smart Cycle for a 3 year old/soon-to-be 4 year old? If so would you recommend it? Any pros or cons? Please share. ...


Nintendo Dsi /Fisher Price iXL

D.L. asks from Columbus

We are thinking of getting our 7 yo son a Nintendo DSi for Christmas. Would love to get some advice on what accessories should be a definite and what we probably do...


Fisher Price Little People Toys

C.A. asks from Washington DC

How long did your little ones play with these toys? I mean up until what age? I just bought a little people Noahs Arc boat and a L.P. barn for my kids. They are 2...


Websites for 6 Year Old

J.V. asks from Milwaukee

I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. I am looking for some suggestions for websites that are age appropriate. We already go on Playhouse Disney and PBS. Are there...


8 Year Old Doesn't Want to Read!

C.D. asks from New York

My 8 year old son does not like to read. He reads for school papers b/c he has to, but has no interest in it all otherwise. I have tried incentives, bribery (I know.....


Recommendations on Kid's Digital Cameras

M.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone own or have experience with digital cameras for kids? I'm considering buying one for my daughter for Christmas. I see there are a few brands including F...


Looking for Best Digital Camera for Kids

S. asks from Houston

Hi, My 6-year-old is very interested in photography. I have read hundreds of reviews that have said that the Fisher-Price, Little Tykes, V-Tech, and other lesser-kno...


Thinking About the Kids Digital Camaras Out There

C.G. asks from Scranton

I am thinking about getting my son a digital camara for christmas and i know there are a couple different ones out there i was wondering if anyone has them what kind ...


Best Gifts for a 3 Year Old BOY, 5 Year Old Girl, 10 Year Old Boy....please Help

R.M. asks from Austin

I am just clueless on gifts for my kiddos..any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Recommendations for Kid's Digital Camera

T. asks from Dallas

My son will be five this summer and loves to take pictures. He is actually pretty good, so I would like to be able to print some of the photos he takes. I would pre...