Older Child: Epi Pen

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7 Year Old with Severe Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

S.A. asks from Lawton

HI To keep it short my 7 year old son has severe allergies, asthma and eczema and has had since birth. We have seen tons of doctors,dermatologists,allergists,even a c...


Play Date and Allergies?

A.F. asks from Lancaster

My daughter is 6 years old, has a tree nut allergy and starting to embrace the "play date." She has an epi-pen, and knows how to use it. How do you all handle play d...


8 Year Old with Constant Stomache Pain

W.L. asks from Toledo

My 8 year old has been complaining of a constant pain in her tummy for about two months now. She says that it is painful but it doesnt stop her from her daily play. ...


My Daughter Had a Allergic Reaction to a Bee Sting.

P.K. asks from Los Angeles

My 6-year-old daughter was stung by a bee on Sunday. She broke out in hives all over her body and her' throat felt lumpy'. We were told by her doctor that she had a...


Allergy Actions

S.H. asks from Buffalo

Hi Moms. My 18 month old was just diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies. Yes, I know, he shouldn't have had either at his young age. His pediatrician said i...



S.D. asks from Richmond

I am a parent of two little ones. I have chronic allergies. I recently had my seven year old tested at a allergist because this Spring she had a horrible time. She...


Aspergers, Food Allergies, and Birthday Party Invites.

J.K. asks from Chicago

This question is aimed at parents of aspie kids or kids who have food allergies. My 6 year old with Aspergers was invited to a birthday party at the YMCA. He's...


Peanut/Nut Allergies Lack of Support from Moms at School

D.S. asks from Chicago

My son has peanut & nut allergies. We recently enrolled him in a new school (he is in Kindergarten). The teacher sent a note to all the parents in the class that on...


Sudden Allergy to Cashews

A.D. asks from Springfield

Hello Mamas, My son will be three in two months. He had an allegic reaction after eating one cashew. He swelled up with severe hives and had trouble breathing...


Newly Diagnosed with Peanut Allergy - HELP!

K.S. asks from Boston

My daughter was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. We had started a month ago with a dot of peanut butter on her lips and no reaction. So, we moved up to a cracker...