Older Child: Baby Bjorn

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5 Year Old Refuses to Poop in the Potty Despite Efforts made...HELP PLEASE!

A.S. asks from Killeen

My son is 5 years old and going on 6 this September. He has had constipation problems since he was about 2 and we have given him Miralax as a prevention and supposito...


Seeking a Good Booster Seat to Transition to Dining Table

C.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter is showing interest in sitting at the table with my husband and I during meals. We have looked at a few booster seats in the stores, but they are more lik...


Baby Wrap/slings/carrier

A.W. asks from Columbus

Do any of you have a favorite wrap you use? I have a sling but it hurts my shoulder and is difficult to get the baby into.


Baby Sling Suggestions

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for advice on baby slings. I have a three month old baby and would really like a good sling. I bought a jelly bean brand from Target and don't like it....


2Nd Time Around.....

J.S. asks from Colorado Springs

Okay, you may think this is silly but I am counting on you mommys out there. I have a daughter 3 years old. We are expecting number two August 30th. They will be a...


How Do I Deal with a 6 Month Old at a Braves Game?

M.B. asks from Augusta

I have a six month old girl and we have tickets to take my 12 and 14 year old boys to a Braves game on Sunday. We also have to go the Apple Store to exchange my compu...


Need Help, 1 Month Old Cries Unless Held and Unable to Get Anything Done

S.H. asks from Minneapolis

I had my second baby 1 month ago and he is doing well. However, he cries and fusses unless I or someone is holding him. My daughter was the same way, however, she h...


Infant Slings

R.T. asks from Dallas

Hey everyone, My name is R.. I am expecting my third baby this summer! My children are 4 and 3 so Im thinking I would like to try a sling in the begining with this ba...


Traveling to Puerto Rico with a 23 Mo. Old & an Infant; Is This Feasible?

A.D. asks from South Bend

Hi Moms. My brother is finally getting married at the end of this year (right after Christmas) in Puerto Rico (where his fiance is from)! All of us are excited for ...


How Do You Shop with Two?

A.L. asks from Anchorage

I have a 21 month old boy (very busy guy) and a two-week old baby. Can someone give me a hint on how they've been able to grocery shop with two? It seems like a logis...