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Babywearing Cons?

H.M. asks from Columbia

Hi Mamas! I wear my baby all throughout the day. He's 3 months old and doesn't like to nap unless someone is holding him or he's in the carrier. He will sleep in his...


Double Stroller Advice

M.S. asks from Philadelphia

My husband daughter an I have looked at what feels like a million double strollers over the past 2 months, but we have yet to find one that we really like or that fit...


Need Info on Carrying a 23 1/2 Pound 9-Month Old

P.P. asks from Chicago

I used a Baby Bjorn carrier when both my little guys were first born. But as they got heavier, it got more and more uncomfortable to carry them in it. We have sever...


Baby Cover for Infant Carrier?

M.W. asks from Philadelphia

I'm looking for a warm cover to fit over a infant front carrier and hopefully, the baby while in the stroller. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced one that works...


Infant Gas

L.P. asks from Appleton

Does anybody have any suggestions to help with infant gas? I give my seven week old mylicon and try to watch what I eat (he's exclusively breastfed), but even if I ea...


Baby Cries Any Time She Isn't Being Held!!!!

S.B. asks from Dallas

My daughter turned four months old yesterday. Since day 1 of bringing her home she has cried unless she is asleep or being held. And lately it's getting worse, she ...


I Know the Messes with Be There Tomorrow..... but I Want Them Gone NOW!

A.B. asks from Spokane

Hello everyone.. I'm new to Mammasource... so please bare with me if I make any mistakes here! :) I'm looking for advice on how to get anything done around my ho...


Baby Einstien Dvds...& 3 Month Old Entertainment

C.W. asks from Austin

ok, so I KNOW that the TV is not a babysitter... we really don't watch it much in my house anyway except for news and movies once in a while. I have noticed that when...


My Little Girl Will Not Stop Whining

K.A. asks from Minneapolis

My little girl is now 6 1/2 months old. She is healthy. She is not a good sleeper. She is a great eater. She is only happy when being held. At her 4 month visit, ...


Taking Care of Baby and Doggy??

A.N. asks from New York

Hello! We have a wonderful 4-month old baby and a sweet, gentle 6-year-old Beagle. My question to other city-folk who love their babies and their dogs that have had t...