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My Toddler Won't Wear Shoes.

L.A. asks from Boston

My son is 17 months old and doesn't want to wear shoes. He doesn't mind socks but as soon as I put the shoes on he cries histerecly and won't stop no matter how long...


Takes off Her Shoes the Minute She Gets into a Car.... How Do I Make Her Stop?

H.X. asks from Los Angeles

HI... so my 20 month old has a few new habits... one of which, she takes off her sneakers when she gets into a car... then when i need to get out, i gotta put her sho...


Double-Wide Feet

J.G. asks from New York

Hey, mamas. My son has double-wide feet, and it's been IMPOSSIBLE to find a cool pair of canvas sneakers for him. All Stars will never happen, and even Keds in a ...


Where Do You Go and What Do You Spend on Shoes for Your Kids?

E.F. asks from Kalamazoo

Last month we bought new shoes for our 5 year old. After trying on about 12 pairs, we finally found something that fit his foot well and had enough room to grow. He...


Naked in Bed

V.K. asks from Sacramento

Ok, I am sure the title grabbed your attention... LOL. My daughter will be 5 in November and she prefers to sleep naked. I was always a PJ gal myself even at her ...


Thoughts on Hair color...and School...

A.B. asks from Springfield

I have always been "a little different", in a sense that I am not your regular "abercrombie and fitch" type of mom. I have an unusual style. When I was younger, I dy...


What Do You Wear to Sleep?

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Just curious what all you ladies out there sleep in... Do you wear pajamas (i.e. pants & shirt)? Sexy nighties? An old, comfy t-shirt? Nothing? Just wonder...


Does the Man in Your Life Wear Pink?

C.J. asks from Milwaukee

My ex-Marine husband wears pink a LOT because he's that kind of 'rebel.' He has some awesome skater shoes he designed himself and one of the colors is pink. All the ...


How Many Pairs of Shoes Do Your Kids Have??

S.C. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is going to wear a pretty dress tomorrow for easter. And she has no shoes to match. Which is scary as I look at all her shoes right now because she has ...


Looking for Decent Quality Sneakers

J.H. asks from Orlando

Has anyone found decent quality shoes for toddlers that don't cost $30 - $50? Our little girl's feet are still growing pretty quickly so I don't want to spend a lot b...