Off Contraceptives

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Going off of Birth Control

A.S. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I recently decided to go off of my birth control for a few reasons. 1)we both want more kids soon 2)he is going to school out of town and is only home ...


Birth Control and Copper IUD

S.G. asks from Colorado Springs

I am a mom of a 2 month old and am looking for birth control options. I don't want anything that affects my hormones, such as the pill. My doctor gave me some informa...


Mirena Birth Control

C.B. asks from San Francisco

I am 40 years old and looking for a good form of birth control. I have tried various pills but cannot take them because I am extremely sensitive to the hormones. Th...


What's Your Favorite Birth Control and Why?

Y.D. asks from Chicago

Hello mamas, I'm still trying to figure out what the best and safest birth control methods are and what others have experienced. I'm pregnant with my 4th child, got...


Birth Control Options

A.H. asks from Omaha

Hi Moms, After doing some unsuccessful fertility treatments, My husband and I had our first child when I was 36 and he was 40. We started trying again when our son w...


Birth Control Help

H.W. asks from Tulsa

Ok ladies, I need some input from people who have been there. I recently had my Mirenea IUD removed, which I had for 3 years and hated. The not getting pregnant par...


Birth Control Pill

M.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms! I have been going back and forth about birth control and decided the pill would be best for me. But I have NEVER been on the pill and dont know where to st...


Birth Control Ideas

L.M. asks from Phoenix

What do you all suggest for birth control. I just had a baby and she is getting both breastmilk and formula. And I've heard too many stories of women getting pregna...


Birth Control Suggestions?

A.P. asks from Dallas

I go for my annual this coming month, and I know that I'll be speaking with my OB GYN about birth control. I recently had a baby this past March, and am still in coll...


Birth Control - Mirena

L.R. asks from Kansas City

So I had the Mirena put in about 6 weeks ago. When I had it placed, I had not had a period after having my child. Since I have had it put in, I have been bleeding.......