OB/GYN: First Response

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Am I Pregnant

Ok so I took a test by first response and the negative line was dark and clear and the positive line was there but very faint. So I went and bought another test by clear blue easy and it was digital and it literally said the word PREGNANT so I do believe I am pregnant because of that since I have been told that you cannot get a false positive only a false negative. Anyways here is where I get confused, my husband this morning after the first test with the faint line knew that I wanted to confirm with a second test, so he did not know that I...

Mammogram & Pap Smear

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Help Me !!!!!

Hi moms. I asked this question a while ago on mamasource but i didn't get any real responses so i thought i would ask all you mamapedia moms. Here's the deal i had my baby 6 months ago, and i have been getting my period every 2 weeks for the last 3 months now. I also have been tired, dizzy, naucious, having horrible headaches, and had a weak stomach.( I know i am not prego because i had my tubes tied.) Also after baby i had a post partum checkup and had a pap smear done and it came back abnormal and my doctor suggested having an HPV test...