Nutrition: Water Toys

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Home Party Ideas

Hello Mamas - My baby girl is turning 6 in July and has asked to have her party at home. Which is fine, except that I don't know what to do with a group of 10 6 year olds for 2 hours. My princess wants to set up our slip and slide (which isn't really a slip and slide it's a tarp that their daddy truned into one) and just play in the yard. But I'm scared that won't keep them happy enough. We have a kids sprinkler that I could also turn on. But would it be OK to just have these kids come over to play in our couple of water toys, eat cake...


School Fall Festival

Hello, Myself and other moms are planning our brand new school first big...


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Obsessed with Water!

For the last id say 6 months or so, my 3 year old has been OBSESSED with playing with the water in the house, the sink, taking the water out of her cup all over her table, the kitchen table the counters anything, ive put her in time out because its not a little bit ITS ALOT! and said water play is only for outside not inside, but she doesnt seem to get it, she understands and tells me why i put her in time out because she played with the water inside and its for out side only but she continues to do it still, how can i get her not too?