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Artificial Food Colors - HELP

M.R. asks from San Francisco

After reading an article on food colors (red, yellow, blue) I am experimenting with taking my 3 year old off all "yellow, blue and red" colors to see if it will impro...


Organic and Natural Diet for My Epileptic Daughter

L.P. asks from Denver

I could use some help. My daughter, who is now 8 years old, was diagonosed with epilepsy about 5 years ago. Although the medication is working during the day, she s...


Seeking Supermarkets in Manhattan!

M.D. asks from New York

Hi, Just moved to midtown Manhattan and cannot understand why there aren't really large supermarkets nearby--Like Safeway or Stop & Shop (or are they hidden?). Where...


Super Bowl Food

C.A. asks from San Francisco

I just got a call from my aunt inviting me to her super bowl party. Once I said yes she said, "what can you bring?" I'm on Weight Watcher and in the process of chan...


Good Birthday Cakes?

M.D. asks from San Francisco

My son will be turning 4 soon and I'm looking into good birthday cakes. He loves the movie Cars and anything with superheroes, but I don't want to pay an arm and a le...


Looking for Soup/salad Noodles in Fun Shapes

D.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello fellow mommies! I was wondering if any of you knew where I can find soup/salad noodles in cool shapes (abc's, stars, etc..) for my daughter. I'm in the process ...


Birthday Party Food-need Help!

B.K. asks from Missoula

My son's birthday is in May and I want to know what I can make for a main dish that wont cost me alot of money. I want something that is party-ish. I would just order...


Disneyland Advice-hotels, Activities,rides, Passes, Discounts, Food Etc. Help!

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi there Mamas: We are going to Disneyland for the first time in the late Fall of this year (October). My husband and I never went as children and this will be ou...


Trying to Eat More Fish. Ideas?

S.H. asks from Seattle

I'm trying to feed my family more fish. It's more expensive than red meat and chicken and I don't want to do fish sticks every week. Any ideas for where to buy and ...


4 Year Old with Stomach Problems

K.R. asks from Sacramento

Hello, my concern is with my 4 year-old son's stomach problems. From his birth, he was breastfed. When I did give him formula, he needed the soy formula because he ...