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Camping - Food & Games

K.B. asks from Dallas

I'm trying to plan a camping trip with my husband & daughters (ages 3 & 5). We'd like to go to Dinosaur State Park in Glen Rose. Can you give me ideas on simple...


1St Birthday Party, Small or Big?

K.V. asks from Phoenix

I need some opinions since I'm divided between make a big party for my baby's 1st birthday or make just something small and simple. I do want something BIG with tons...


Crafty Moms Need Ides for Halloween Crafts for Kindergaten Class

P.P. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, my daughter's kinder Halloween party is two weeks from today. I offered to make easy crafts for the children to make/finish. What are good ideas for Hal...


Looking for Vendors for a KidsFest in Lower Bucks County, PA

T.Y. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I am working on an event for my son's school and I'm looking for local vendors. We are having a David Jack Concert and KidsFest at Neshaminy Middle School in Lan...


HELP My Baby Is Becoming a Chipmunk!!

Y.C. asks from New York

I am giving my baby peas and beans with meat. I was surprised she was eating without complains because she doesn't like veggies, but slowly her cheeks start growing! ...


Seeking Moms Who Have Some Ideas

D.H. asks from Philadelphia

I've got two things to ask about, and with what they are you would think I am new to the whole household thing. ;) First off, has anybody run aluminum pans/sheets ...


1St Birthday Party

J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! Any ideas on first party entertainment?...Inexpensive that is. I am keeping it low key since the party is two weeks after Christmas. There will be kids o...


What to Put in Plastic Easter Egg for 1 Year Old

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

My granny loves to do an egg hunt for Easter. She uses the plastic eggs and even though she's in the hospital right now (we're hoping she is out in time) we'd still l...


Ideas for 3 Year Old Boy

S.C. asks from Albuquerque

I am having a small birthday party in my home for my son's birthday. I figure the basics, food, cake, balloons.... what else am I missing? What games can they play?...


8 Year Old Girl Party- Coming up Fast

S.B. asks from Fort Myers

Im having a hard time thinking of what to do for a party AND I only have one week to plan this. I dont have a large budget ($200 for entire birthday party and her pre...