Nutrition: Pedialyte

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N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My 2 year old has come down with diarhea and since she's never had it before I'm not sure if Pedialyte is the best thing or not? She's literally only had...


Mix Pedialyte & 7Up?

M.. asks from Detroit

My little man has thrown up about 5-6 times in the past 3 hours. I have Pedialyte (unflavored) and the only thing I have to mix it with is crystal light. Hes not di...


2 Yr Old Won't Drink Pedialyte

A.D. asks from Chicago

Hello, My 2 year old daughter has a slight cold, little fever, so far no vomiting.( Thank god!) But will not drink pedialyte....any flavor! Nor will she drink the W...


Brat Diet?

D.M. asks from Joplin

what all is in the brat diet for the runs?


How to Get My Ridiculously Slow Eater to Eat Faster?

B.H. asks from Albuquerque

hi, moms! i have a just-turned-three year old little guy who has food issues...we've had them since he was born! our biggest problem now is that he is such a sloooo...


Afraid to Eat After Stomach Bug

H.B. asks from Dallas

My 4 year old son got the stomach bug at school last week. He recovered quickly and was eating well at home, but is now afraid to eat his lunch at school. Yesterday...


Getting My 7 Yr to Eat When He Has the Flu

D.W. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, My son has had the flu since Wednesday. It started out w/ a bad headache and fever; then moved to his tummy and he threw up a couple of time, but now he ...


2 Yr Old Daughter Not Eating After Being Sick

A.P. asks from Dallas

My daughter was sick over the weekend...throwing up Saturday & Sunday, then diarreah Mon & Tues. She is definitely feeling better and getting back to her old self, b...


When to Eat After Stomach Bug

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

My elementary kid has a stomach bug, was up all night. I know it's important to stay hydrated and I'm getting pedialyte into him, small sips. Most, but not all, of i...


Getting My 3 Year Old to Eat!

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have an underweight little 3 year old and he is not intersted in eating! His pediatrician recommended Pediasure, but he doesnt like it!