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K.O. asks from Detroit

Has anyone joined curves? A friend was telling me about it... I was curious if anyone has any good/bad things to say. Or any success stories.


Quick and Easy Diet Food? Please Help

V.S. asks from Oklahoma City

I have been drinking diet shakes, working out and eating sushi I make with whole grain rice (sound yukky I know but its not that bad) and veggie stick and I have lost...


Help for Diet for Low Thyroid

M.L. asks from Dallas

Anyone out there with a low thyroid (Hypothyroidism)?? I need suggestions on ways to lose weight-certain things to eat, maybe to speed my motabolism up. Anything ot...


How to Find Healthier Foods That My Kids Will Actually Eat?

N.G. asks from Washington DC

My kids are super picky eaters, which makes it hard for me to get them to eat healthy stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find foods that are healthy b...


Curious...does Anyone Else's Husband...

L.L. asks from Rochester

Am I the only one with a husband who WANTS me to keep on the extra weight? He really likes it (why, I don't know...I wouldn't call myself fat, but I've definitely go...


Fashionista Emergency

K.F. asks from New York

I'm newly married and have picked up 25 pounds. I was a cute little flat stomached size 6 but now I'm a super curvy pot bellied size 8. Hubby loves the new curves but...


Looking for a "Choo Choo "Type Eatery

T.W. asks from Chicago

i read in the paper somewhere recently about a place that serves their food on the back of a train that travels in the reastaraunt, somewhere in northwest indiana, i ...


Who Is Your Husbands Celebrity Crush? and Do You Compare?

A.D. asks from Washington DC

I know we all have our own "celebrity crushes", but who is it that your husband drops his jaw for? I have always had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlie H...


Need Help with Recipes for Freezer Meals for Gestational Diabetes

E.T. asks from Salt Lake City

Hey Ladies- My sister is pregnant with her first child due in October. I want to fill her freezer with quick and easy meals for when the baby is born. The hard par...


Losing Weight

N.R. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am trying to lose my spare tire around my waist desperately. Any exercise routine you folks out there might recommend. I do exercise regularly and I have had...