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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins

Hi everyone! I have friend who is pregnant with twins. She has a 3 y/o DD and is expecting a boy and a girl! The baby shower is next weekend. She is registered at Babies R Us, but only for about 20 things. I would like to get her something that would be very helpful for a mom with twins. I was hoping to get ideas from moms of multiples or anyone with experience. What are your favorite, can't live with out, most helpful items? Thanks!

Overweight or Underweight

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Bigger Swaddle Wraps?

My son is outgrowing his current swaddles (Kiddopotamus), and because he wriggles out of them in the middle of the night or during naps, he wakes up more frequently. Are there different sizes (length is mostly the issue--he's close to 24 inches), and if so, where do I buy them? I don't want to spend a ton of money and have already heard of The Miracle Blanket. If at all possible, I would love a shop conveniently located to the Bothell-Kirkland border. Thanks!


My Daughter's Weight

I am very concerned about my 1st born - nine month old daughter's weight...