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Born Free BPA Free Plastic Bottles

Has anyone used the Born Free BPA free plastic bottles? Do you like them and if you switched after using another bottle, how did your baby take to the switch? Have you had any physical problems, like melting, with the bottle if you used the microwave to warm up the formula while in the bottle?

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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Baby Due Soon- Looking for Tips on Breastfeeding and Pumping

Hello all- I am due in a couple of weeks and am looking for tips on breastfeeding, pumping and getting the baby to take abottle. I have heard that many newborns don't like artificial nipples and it makes it more difficult for them to breastfeed. I want to be able to give my daughter the best and so I want to breastfeed, but I also want my husband to be able to feed her with a bottle to be able to bond with her too! Also I will be going back to work so she will have to take it from a bottle. I guess I am just looking for advice on how to...


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Infant with Reflux

I have a almost 5 month old baby boy with reflux. He was born 13 weeks early. The doctor has him on previcid and it has not seemed to work. We have him on the Similic Advance formula. He does ok the first half of his feed, then the rest of his feed he will fight eating. Sometimes after he burps it gets better. He spits up after almost every feed. He is gaining weight. I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems and what worked for you. I am thinking of calling the doctor and putting him on a different formula. He also will cry...

Feeding Accessories

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Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

We are expecting our first baby very soon, and I am in need of help in figuring out the whole formula/bottle thing. I had breast surgery five years ago, and won't be able to breastfeed. Any help on what I need, won't need, and/or tricks of the trade. Also any type of formula that work well for you. Its all a bit overwhelming so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!


What Do I Need??

Hi all, I'm a first time mom to be, expecting a baby boy in 5 weeks and...

Juice & Milk

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Born Free Bottles or Some Other Kind

I am due for baby number to any time know. We are looking for bottles to use for when I pump. I am very much interested in the born free bottles. Please someone help and let know of these are good bottle or should I ditch them and try something else. With my first daughter we used even flow. But I did not see the kind we used on the shelf.


Born Free Bottles

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at...


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Born Free Bottle Sterilizer

Hi, I purchased a born free bottle sterilizer, but have misplaced the instructions. Can anyone tell me how much water is supposed to be added to it? I know that I'm supposed to microwave for 4 minutes. thanks.


Born Free Bottles

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at...


Picky Eater

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My 13 Month Old Is Picky, picky...picky!

My 13 month old little guy is ALL boy, except for his eating habits. Ever since he's realized he can eat what mommy is eating (to a point), that is all he wants. But then when I sit him down in his high chair, he sometimes puts the food in his mouth, then spits it out. He will drink his bottles like they are going out of style as many times as he can during the day and will throw tiny fits unless he doesn't have his bottle (whole milk of course), or get whiney until we give them to him. He will eat some foods (cheerios, pastas of every...


Bottle for Newborn

Hi, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and went shopping for necessary baby...

Refusing to Eat

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8 Month Old Refuses Bottle

My 8 month old is rejecting the bottle. He was taking the bottle for months, we got too slack with it and now he completely refuses it. We're trying all the obvious, I even held out 2 feedings from him in hopes of getting him thirsty enough to go for the bottle, but to no avial he still denied it. I'm at home with him FT but will return to work 2 days a week and a bit worried about the options once I do this. I have gone straight to the sippy cup with some luck, he continues to gain momentum with his ability to use one gradually. Does...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Help!! Breastfeeding Weaning Advice?

I want to thank you all for the great advice you've given! I have one more question I could desperately use some help on. My DS is 10.5 months old and has been breast fed since the time he was born. He took a bottle for the first two months, but then stopped and has never had once since. He'll take a sip or two out of a sippy cup and does pretty well with a cup, but really seems to have no interest in drinking fluids unless it's from the boob. I'd always thought I'd wean him by the time he was a year old and that year mark is...