Nursing While Sick or Taking Medication: Preschooler

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When Does It Get Easier? 6 Week Old Baby and 4 Year Old and Little to No Sleep

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 6 week old baby and a 4 year old. The baby hasn't ever slept for more than a 3 hour stretch at a time (I breastfeed), and the last few nights has been sleepi...


Need Help Answering One of "Those" Questions to 4 Year Old

A.M. asks from Chicago

My son recently asked me how he came out of my belly? I said we went to the Dr and he helped take you out. Then he asked if the Dr. cut him out of my tummy. The an...


3 Year Old and a Newborn

J. asks from Santa Fe

Hi mommies, Wanted to get your advice on my new problem. My second girl was born 3 weeks ago and turned out to be very demanding. She is very gassy, wants to nurse...


Problems at Preschool with 4 Year Old.

A.B. asks from Raleigh

We are having behavior issues with our 4 year old boy at preschool. He goes to a private Christian Preschool where he has gone for over a year. When the school year s...



N.R. asks from Nashville

I'm trying to stop breastfeeding but my breast seems to be full and its hurts. What can i do to relieve the pain without having my baby feed from it or pumping?


4 Year Old Not Eating by Herself

T.P. asks from Portland

Hi moms, you've been very helpful before so i'm asking your opinion again. My daughter turned 4 in September and we still "need" to feed her other wise she would not ...



J.E. asks from Boston

So I've mad a request about breastfeeding before and now I want to know what other breastfeeding moms REALLY think!?! :) Please tell me all of the pros and cons you'v...



D.R. asks from Corpus Christi

My daughter is 10wks old I am breastfeeding and everything seems to be going good my question is if you are breastfeeding do you start your period? the other thing im...



K.C. asks from Las Vegas

To breastfeed or not? I have 1 child and my sister has 2 with 1 on the way. She breastfed I didn't we are both stay at home moms, I am a smoker, she is not. I did ...



C.M. asks from Madison

I am 26 wks pregnant and have a 2y 4m old who has been weened from the breast since he was about 6m (drank breastmilk till age 1). Has anyone ever let thier weened ch...