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Discipline for a 21 Month Old

J.H. asks from Boston

My daughter who is going to be 21 months old, has a great outgoing personality. But lately she has been testing the defiance waters! I am okay with that, but she hits...


What to Do About Bad Language

S.J. asks from Redding

Lately my children have been testing the limits big time when it comes to using inappropriate language. So far it is at home with each other and not at school, thank ...


Mom About to Break...5 Yr Old Absolute Defiance!!! Help!?!

S.T. asks from Provo

My five year old daughter has been beyond defiant over the last couple of weeks or so. She is the middle one of 5 kids, but I'm not sure how much that has to do with...


Play Date Pick up Battle

L.M. asks from Chicago

So my daughter and her friends have so much fun, that when it's time for pick up there is a lot of dawdling going on, whether I'm picking her up or her friends mom is...


Anyone Have a Child Diagnosed with ODD? How Is She or He Now?

J.B. asks from Boston

Well...after many years of dancing around "maybe this...maybe that...we're not quite sure..." diagnoses I am in the process of having my 11-year-old son have a full n...


10 Year and Privacy

K.M. asks from Washington DC

Hello. I have a ten year old daughter who is becoming increasingly private. For example when she receives a phone call she goes into her room and shuts the door while...


Screen Time Questions

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Other than trying to assuage my mommy guilt over allowing too much of it thanks to having a nursing newborn and a preschooler, I'm truly wondering... 1. Do you set...


Need Advise Raising a Teenager

D.C. asks from Los Angeles

My son the oldest of all, is giving a really hard time. He is testing my limits, has been failing every class for the last 3 quarters, and now is talking back to the ...


Need Advice on Discipline

L.M. asks from Jacksonville

My 2yr old daughter loves to throw things, whether its a book, glass, silverware ect. She does not hold back, she will throw at me & her brother. She will even scoot...


Child Safety

S.C. asks from Lexington

Help! My 31/2 year old son can easily unlock the front and back doors and undo the deadbolt! I need a way to childproof the doors. The doorknob childproofers don't ev...