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Update on Arguing 5 Year Old - Falling Asleep After School, Growth Spurt?

K.B. asks from Detroit

I posted on here a few days ago about my daughter and her arguing and talking back more the past couple of months. Past couple of days, I've been cracking down on th...


The Intelligence of a Child?

J.F. asks from Scranton

ok so i want to know, if my child is way to smart for her age. she is 3 and will be 4 in oct. she did everything very early, crawled at 6 months, walked at 9ish, and ...


My 6 Year Old Is Following Bad Behavior at School...

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 6.5 year old has been getting himself into some trouble at school. The first time following another little boy into an empty classroom and dumping crayons on the f...


How Can I Help My Almost 5 Year Old (And Her Dad) Have a Less Stressful Morning?

L.H. asks from San Diego

My soon-to-be-step-daughter just started kindergarten. Yesterday was fine because her mom stayed with her for the first couple hours, like all the rest of the parents...


Help with My 5 Year Olds Attitude.

J.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Help! My son has always been a delight to be around and very respectful. Recently he is back talking, doesn't ever do what I ask without a fight. Everything is a c...


Multiple Birth Child with Behaviour Issues

P.D. asks from Minneapolis

I need help! I have a 5-year old triplet that is "rebellious", I guess and in my opinion, has behavioral issues. For example, getting dressed in the morning is a re...


Can a Second Child Put a Family "Over the Edge?"

A.D. asks from San Francisco

I am happily married to my husband and we have a sweet, easy-going 5 year old daughter. We are a happy trio and are blessed in many ways. For years, I have wanted t...


Should We Have a Second Child

S.S. asks from Stockton

I am 42 years old and my husband and I have a wonderful daughter who just turned 5 years old. After I had her I thought I did not want another child, although my husb...


Child Safety

S.C. asks from Lexington

Help! My 31/2 year old son can easily unlock the front and back doors and undo the deadbolt! I need a way to childproof the doors. The doorknob childproofers don't ev...


Child Has a Hard Time Paying Attention & Getting Work Done at School and Home.

R.S. asks from Wichita

My Child is in the 1st grade. He is a good kid for the most part. But this year we are having a really hard time with him paying attention and following directions a...